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Kristin Satzman

Artist Statement and Bio

The Luminous Veil is a series of images created in a variety of SF Bay Area public parks and gardens.The parks, some as small as a city block, others encompassing an entire mountain, are natural but man made at the same time. One feels a sense of escape but still feels protected by the familiar. It is the transition between the familiar and the unknown that I wanted to capture. Some mystics believe there is a thin space in certain places where the gulf between us and the divine is not so wide. It is that sense of presence that I wanted to communicate. The idea that in the midst of our busy and challenging lives there is sanctuary that we can tap into for soothing and strength.

Kristin’s work has been exhibited and published nationally including a cover feature in LensWork Magazine. Her work resides in numerous private and public collections including the Toledo Museum of Art. Kristin is a darkroom expert with experience in the alternative tintype process as well as photographic restoration. She works and teaches photography in her East Bay studio and lives in El Cerrito with her husband and son. More of her work can be seen at and