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Razor or Scissors to perfect or sculpt…

Long Hair (Below the Chin) – $75

Short Hair (Above the Chin) – $65

Barbering $50

Bang/Neck Trim (Between touch-up) – $10


Weddings, Parties, anything!

Shampoo and Blow-Out – $45

Shampoo, Blow-Out, Curling Iron – $70

Bridal Services Our personalized service includes a 45-minute consultation prior to cutting that fabulous cake. When it comes time to say “I do”, we will work our magic with a bridal updo or anything you wish.

On Site Service

We will travel to your hotel, church, reception or any location to deliver flawless photos.


Bridal – $130 ($50 due at consultation; $80 due on wedding day)

Consultation – $50

On Site Service – $180. $50 for each additional style.

*Depending on location, additional travel fee may be included.


Single Palette

All over color for shiny solid effect – $75

Lightening Retouch

Platinum Beauties – $80

Color Gloss and Toner

Shine and tone to get the perfect shade – $40

Corrective Color

Fix and make pretty that which is uneven, dull, or just messed up – $150


Ruby Red? Atomic Orange? Cotton Candy? Teal? We can deliver – $125


Quarter Head Foils

Brighten up around your face and top of head – $100

Half Head Foils

Most common highlight. Bright all over with natural shades at the nape – $120

Full Head Foils

For die-hard highlighters. Highlights all over – $140

Hair Painting

Beautifully natural and flowing sun-kissed streaks of color – $150


The surfer look. Root shadows and brighter ends – $110

Root Touch Ups

With any highlighting – $40

Straighteners and Perms


Too curly? Too frizzy? We’ll straighten you out – $70


Consultation Required – $90

Root Perm

The root perm adds volume at the root of the hair to give lots of body. It’s

also perfect for already permed hair that’s looking for a little pick-me-up.

Because the roots are treated, it’s saves the rest of the locks from another


Body Wave Perm

Creating big, bouncy curls, the body wave is for curl lovers who want a more

modern look. Because this perm uses larger perm rods than traditional

perms, the length hair will determine how curly it will be: the shorter the


Weave Perm

Because only partial sections of the hair are curled, the weave perm will

give your hair a fusion with both textured and straight pieces in your


Stack Perm

The stack perm is made for those who have a one-length cut. The treatment

creates soft, layered curls for a natural look and is achieved by the use of

differently sized rollers to the middle and bottom sections of the hair.

The top is typically left flat to look more natural.

Acid Perm

While it sounds harsh, the acid perm is actually gentler than the

traditional alkaline perm as it has a lower pH level. It is specifically

made for those with sensitive, fragile, or damaged hair.

Exothermic Perm

Referring to the gentle, internal heat that is characteristic of this

treatment, the exothermic perm speeds up the processing time. The heat

allows the lotion to absorb quickly into the hair, conditioning and

strengthening the cuticle from the inside.


Add a crazy sheen lasts up to 12 shampoos - $55

Other Services


Gives grip to hair that normally wouldn't hold curl.

Makes up-do's last longer.

Great for weddings.

Lasts up to 12 shampoos.



Reduces frizz and adds shine. Lasts up to 12 shampoos - $55


Brows - $20 and up

Lips - $15 and up

Chin - $15 and up

Full Face - $30 and up